Calling All Sydney Couples For 2019 Booking

It is not everyday that I offer discounts on wedding or engagement packages, but I came into this beautiful city (Sydney) with an open mind on launching my existing business from the States and everyone has been nothing but lovely to me. So I want to offer all my Sydney couples a 10% off all wedding and engagement packages.

The discount packages are extended to everyone, when I say everyone I mean couples:

  1. Asian Couples

  2. Military Couples

  3. Same Sex Couples

  4. Pakistani/ Indian Couples

  5. I welcome anyone who is interested and I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

Come have fun with me and have an enjoyable experience. I cannot wait for you guys to have a stress free time with me as your wedding or engagement photographer.

Click on the link below and complete the form for us to give you a call about your next big event.



Saima Jewett Photography

Phone: 0436477103



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Model Call a Success

Blog Post 1: In this Month's blog

Being in a new city is already scary enough! But what is more frightening is when you are a photographer trying to grow your business from the ground up! Yea, you worked hard in the city you were in previously, but being in a city that is absolutely beautiful, its photographers paradise, and you are surrounded by beautiful people. You indeed become intimidated!

Well I had to put all that intimidation aside and buck up and do a model call. By surprise I had an overwhelming response. So thank you to everyone who participated your help and the support was greatly appreciated. Here are some shots from our sessions. 

Thank you to Debbie Denning, Namrita Jagdish and Teen Liz for their time for the sessions.