Calling All Sydney Couples For 2019 Booking

It is not everyday that I offer discounts on wedding or engagement packages, but I came into this beautiful city (Sydney) with an open mind on launching my existing business from the States and everyone has been nothing but lovely to me. So I want to offer all my Sydney couples a 10% off all wedding and engagement packages.

The discount packages are extended to everyone, when I say everyone I mean couples:

  1. Asian Couples

  2. Military Couples

  3. Same Sex Couples

  4. Pakistani/ Indian Couples

  5. I welcome anyone who is interested and I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

Come have fun with me and have an enjoyable experience. I cannot wait for you guys to have a stress free time with me as your wedding or engagement photographer.

Click on the link below and complete the form for us to give you a call about your next big event.



Saima Jewett Photography

Phone: 0436477103



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